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Do your part and help
protect and preserve
our underwater world
for the present and
for future generations
to come.

As we say in the diving
community, leave only

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Chris Weaver (top) & Mike Salvarezza (bottom) - click to downloadAbout Our Organization

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Our Thoughts

Eco-Photo Explorers (EPE) is a New York based organization and was formed in 1994 to help promote interest in protecting the environment through knowledge and awareness through the use of underwater photography.

Photography, multimedia presentations, lectures and freelance writing are all used to accomplish this goal. Christopher Weaver pictured ( top-right ) and Michael Salvarezza, pictured ( bottom-right ) make up Eco-Photo Explorers. Both live in New York on Long Island and have been scuba diving together since 1978, but didn't seriously start photographing the ocean realm until 1989. Since then, they have spent hundreds of hours underwater accumulating and putting together a large and varied library of high-resolution stock photography from around the world. They specialize in all aspects of underwater still photography (wide angle and macro), nature photography, magazine and technical writing and have produced many multimedia programs that are designed to educate as well as enlighten the public about the marine environment and the various threats that exist to destroy it.

These presentations are geared for all ages. While many of their images come from around the world, some of their best work is done right at home in the waters off New York and New Jersey. Although their primary focus is on underwater photography and marine related topics, their programs also include a variety of nature local history, exotic destination as well as environmental presentations. Custom tailored programs are available upon request and can span a wider range of subjects. For example, insects, butterflies, wartime history, buried treasure and lighthouses to mention only a few. During these programs audiences are encouraged to participate and ask questions as they examine man's impact on the Earth's ecosystems.

They are also available for SCUBA Demonstrations and Technical Support in Research Projects, Scuba Diving Support and Photo Documentation of Projects.


Credits and References

Our photography and writing have been featured in many publications such as National Geographic Adventure, Immersed, Advanced Diver, Discover Diving, Diver Magazine, Dive Journal, Lighthouse Digest, WW II Magazine, and other national and international magazines. Below is a condensed list of clients who have used our photography or services. If interested, we have a complete list of references that inventories all the various schools, dive clubs, educational institutions, public libraries, and organizations from around the country who have done business with in the past.

Complete List of References

Beneath the Sea, largest consumer dive show in North America (BTS)
Board of Cooperative Educational Services of Nassau County (BOCES )
JASON Foundation for EducationJASON Project (founded by Robert Ballard)
Boston Sea Rovers
Our World Underwater (OWU)
Long Island Divers Association (LIDA)
New York Harbor School
Atlantis Marine World Aquarium
Coalition to Save Hempstead Harbor


Our Thoughts

The underwater world is filled with many surprises. You really don't have to travel the world to view these amazing creatures that inhabit the oceans. Many of them can be found right in your local waters. Photographic opportunities exist everywhere. First, the underwater photographer must learn patience and the art of looking. Second, the photographer must learn the natural habits of the creatures in order to locate them as well as effectively photograph their various behaviors.

Finally, you must put yourself in the position to take the photograph. Dive as often as you can, because you never know when that once in a life time experience will present itself! As divers, you are able to explore a whole new and beautiful underwater world that only a few will ever be able to see. Always remember that you are a guest in this world. Look, explore, take photographs, but leave it in the same condition as you found it.

As we say in the diving community, leave only bubbles...

Scuba Divers are ambassadors between these two worlds. Do what ever you can to help protect and preserve this underwater world for the present and for future generations to come.

Please email all questions or comments with this site to Technical Support.

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Last Modified: October 12, 2014

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