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Eco-Photo Explorers is an organization that promotes conservation and protection of the marine environment while providing adventurers with a rewarding and educational experience. We believe that education and enjoyment of our environment is the key to its protection. We all hope you will come away from your adventure with a new found respect and appreciation of the ocean and all of its inhabitants.

This section will be used to provide information on various exotic travel destinations we have experienced or plan to experience. It is our hope to excite our readers as they voyage with us to someday plan a trip to one of these exotic locations and see first hand the wonderful planet we live on. As present day explorers, you are able to explore this beautiful world that only a few will ever be able to see.

All trips require reservations. Dates are subject to change without notice. Please contact us to verify your selection before making any airfare or accommodation arrangements. Referrer Name: Eco-Photo Explorers

Please Note: Some of the trips listed below do not have web pages at this time, but until we get our new trip information up on the web, please contact us through our online form by clicking on the links below if your interested in receiving trip details.

Antarctic & High Arctic Expeditions

Ultimate Shark Cage & Diving Expeditions

Expedition Highlights

Iceland | Field Notes - 2013
Galapagos Islands - 2007
Great White Sharks: Field Notes (Guadalupe Island, Mexico) - 2005
Antarctica | Field Notes ( Peninsula, Crossing the Circle ) - 2005
Montauk Shark Cage Expedition (Long Island, NY) - 2004
St. Eustatius (in the Dutch Antilles) - 2003
Antarctica: Field Notes ( Peninsula ) - 2003
Great White Sharks | Field Notes (Farallon Islands San Francisco, California) - 2002
Chuuk (Truk) Lagoon - 2000
Heron Island: Australia - 2000
Belize: Lighthouse Reef - 2001
Belize: The Blue Hole - 2001
San Juan Island: Friday Harbor, Washington - 1999, 2001
Kingston, Ontario: Canada - 1999
Pacific Northwest: The Olympic Peninsula - 1998
British Virgin Islands - 1998
Joshua Tree National Monument (Southwestern California) - 1998
Cocos Island, Costa Rica (Marine life and Island) - 1997
Montauk Point Lighthouse: George Washington’s Lighthouse


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