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Below Freezing: The Antarctic Dive Guide (2nd Edition)
First and only dive guide to the Antarctic


What compels people to explore Antarctica. The answer is simple, Antarctica is nature in its purest state; her power and beauty are at once humbling, confronting and exhilarating.

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Below Freezing - The Antarctic Dive Guide (2nd Edition)
by Lisa Eareckson Trotter

Below Freezing - The Antarctic Dive Guide (2nd Edition)BELOW FREEZING is the first and only dive guide to the Antarctic. Until recently the exclusive realm of scientific and military divers, this icy wilderness has become the extreme destination for recreational divers wishing to explore beyond the conventional.

Detailing 27 Dive sites on the Antarctic Peninsula & South Georgia with maps, photographs and descriptions, the guide is packed with information and features vivid color photographs of the strange marine life of these waters.

The second edition has been expanded to include the following new features;

  • 8 page guide to the benthic life of the region w/photos of all major groups.
  • Rewritten underwater photography section by Göran Ehlmé
  • Additional chapter - "leopard seals - a diver's perspective"
Published January 1, 2008
Edition 2nd
ISBN 1-903657-28-7
Pages 128
Color Plates 131
B&W Plates 4
Maps 27
Cover Paperback w/plastic book cover
Dimensions 148mm x 210mm
Other Information Sheet (pdf)


A colleague of mine mentioned that she and her husband were going on a diving expedition to Antarctica. They are both very experienced divers. I told her that they should get your book, and I wanted to share their reaction to it:

"Below Freezing by Lisa Trotter. I got it, Mel's been reading it, he says it's probably the best, most helpful and truthful book about Antarctic diving he's ever read. It made him completely re-think what kind of camera equipment he'll need to take. So, thanks again!" Ellie
-- Susan Borke, National Geographic Society

Many thanks again for sending the review copy of "Below Freezing", which we are going to feature in the next issue of The Polar Times. It's a terrific book and you and Lisa can both be proud. -- Jeff Rubin, Antarctic Editor, The Polar Times, Magazine of the American Polar Society

Here is the fruit of an impressive number of underwater hours and some stunning photography. If you plan to explore this most rewarding habitat then your first step is to pack “Below Freezing” in your Antarctic dive bag. -- TONY SOPER, Author of the Bradt Guide to Antarctic Wildlife

The cold waters of the Antarctic sustain a rich abundance of plant and animal life, and this little book – exquisitely presented by Lisa Trotter – is an important addition to any Antarctic library. -- KIM HEACOX, National Geographic Author of Antarctica: The Last Continent

"Below Freezing: The Antarctic Dive Guide": Reviewed - I got my hands on a copy of this colorful little book, and I'm very impressed with it. This excellent Guide -- really, the only Guide of its kind -- is written by Lisa Eareckson Trotter, the first person to learn to dive in the Antarctic and a long-time crew member aboard Lindblad Expeditions' Endeavour. Having logged over 400 hours diving in area waters, Trotter's experience in and love for the region shines through on each and every page. -- WILLY VOLK

Below Freezing - The Antarctic Dive GuideBelow Freezing - The Antarctic Dive Guide 2nd Edition
By Lisa Earekson Trotter


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All book sales are final unless the item has been grossly misrepresented
. If you received a defective book or if your book was damaged in transit, please contact us by using our online form. Approval is required before returning any books within 10 days of receipt. Please do not return any books until you have received a Return Authorization (RA#) number. Return requests must be submitted in writing and can either be mailed or emailed to Eco-Photo Explorers. Be sure to include your Name, Telephone Number, Confirmed Address, and Transaction ID (included in your confirmation email or packing slip) along with a description of the damage or defect.

Before returning, please keep the following in mind:

  1. Eco-Photo Explorers is not responsible for damages caused in transit when returning your order. Please make a claim with the postal carrier. If a returned book was found to be damaged in transit and not a defective in workmanship, it will be returned to the customer.
  2. If a book needs to be returned for replacement, the customer is responsible for return postage, shipping and tracking. Please note, original shipping cost is not refundable. Returns must be shipped via an insured carrier and by a traceable method (i.e., UPS, FedEX, DHL, RPS). The customer is responsible for the return shipment until we receive it.
  3. It is the customer’s responsibility to wrap the book in a protective manner. There are two important steps in successful packaging: Keep it clean and immobilize it.
  4. The RA# must be clearly written on the outside packaging.

Please note, original shipping cost is not refundable if the order is returned by the carrier, because they could not make delivery or the customer failed to pick up their package.


Diving in Antarctica

Click here to book your next trip...

Diving in Antarctica is truly an expedition in itself, every plunge into its icy waters is different than the previous one. There is no such thing as a "better dive location" because each year the ice and weather conditions change, which makes these underwater adventures so unpredictable.

Large Zodiacs with powerful outboard motors will usually be the boat of choice to transport divers comfortably to their intended destinations, be they dive locations, shore visits or iceberg cruises.

Experienced dry suit divers will have the opportunity to make at least one dive per day while they are around the Antarctic coastline, so there’ll should be plenty of time to join the rest of their group for other exciting activates. Most trip operator's will usually not cater for no-limit diving because they believe Antarctica has so much more to offer and will certainly be a unique experience!

Expect the dives to vary from shallow ice diving along ice-floes or under small sheets of ice (approx. 30 feet.) to shore diving, where dives can vary approximately 30 to 60 feet. The combination of sunlight, sea water and the often extraordinary formations of ice, create an overwhelming, ever-changing color spectrum, with a fantastic variety of shades and brilliance. Snorkeling or diving along ice-floes is truly inspiring; you will never forget the indescribably beautiful colors.

Diver inspecting an underwater ice berg... Diver on surface in brash ice (Chris Weaver) Diver on surface in brash ice (Mike Salvarezza) Ice Flows Underwater Ice Berg (grounded) Divers explore under icebergs near Prospect Point & Fish Island Polar Pioneer crew tries to land zodiac in heavy surf on Deception Island...
Diver & Berg Surface Diver Surface Diver Ice Flows Grounded Ice Berg Divers Explore Icebergs Deception Island

The Antarctic Peninsula has a fascinating variety of marine life, such as sea-snails, crabs, sea butterflies, fish, jelly-fish, sponges and starfish. Lucky divers may even see seals, penguins and maybe even whales while exploring the icy waters around Antarctica! More...

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