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Description (General)  Shortcut (Windows / Mac)
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Search F3 /
View the History window Ctrl+H / Cmd+H
Select All Ctrl+A / Cmd+A
Copy Ctrl+C / Cmd+C
Cut Ctrl+X / Cmd+X
Paste Ctrl+V / Cmd+V
Exit (quit the application) Ctrl+Q / Cmd+Q
Description (Browser)  Shortcut (Windows / Mac)
New Navigator window Ctrl+N / Cmd+N
Close current window Ctrl+W / Cmd+W
Bring up the Open Location dialog box Ctrl+L / Cmd+L
Open local file in Navigator Ctrl+O / Cmd+O
Print Ctrl+P / Cmd+P
Reload Ctrl+R /
Stop page loading Esc / Esc / Cmd + .
Find in page Ctrl+F / Cmd+F
Find again Ctrl+G / Cmd+G
Go back Alt + left arrow / Cmd+[
Go forward Alt + right arrow / Cmd+]
Organize favorites Ctrl+B / Cmd+B
Open favorites side panel Ctrl+I /


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