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Research Stations & Transportation
in Antarctica

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Antarctica has no indigenous inhabitants, but there are seasonally staffed research stations note: approximately 30 nations, all signatory to the Antarctic Treaty, send personnel to perform seasonal (summer) and year-round research on the continent and in its surrounding oceans; the population of persons doing and supporting science on the continent and its nearby islands south of 60 degrees south latitude (the region covered by the Antarctic Treaty) varies from approximately 4,000 in summer to 1,000 in winter; in addition, approximately 1,000 personnel including ship's crew and scientists doing onboard research are present in the waters of the treaty region;

  • Summer (January) population - 3,687 total (1998-99)
  • Winter (July) population - 964 total (1998-99)
  • Summer-only stations - 32 total (1998-99)
  • Year-round stations - 42 total (1998-99)

In addition, during the austral summer some nations have numerous occupied locations such as tent camps, summer-long temporary facilities, and mobile traverses in support of research.

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List of Wintering Stations in Antarctica

Research Stations in Antarctica (Wikipedia)

Stations South of 60S ( map )
No. Station Country Open Location
1 Amundsen-Scott
  - Virtual tour of the Pole
  - Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station - Wikipedia
United States Permanent 8959'51"S 13916'22"E
2 Maitri India Permanent 7045'57"S 1144'09"E
3 Novolazarevskaya Russia Permanent 7046'26"S 1151'54"E
5 Showa Japan Permanent 6900'25"S 3935'01"E
6 Molodezhnaya Russia Unmanned 6740'18"S 4551'21"E
8 Mawson
  - Mawson Station - Wikipedia
Australia Permanent 6736'17"S 6252'15"E
10 Zhongshan China Permanent 6922'16"S 7623'13"E
11 Progress Russia Summer 6922'44"S 7623'13"E
13 Davis Australia Permanent 6834'38"S 7758'21"E
14 Mirny Russia Permanent 6633'07"S 9300'53"E
15 Vostok Russia Permanent 7828'00"S 10648'00"E
16 Casey Australia Permanent 6617'00"S 11031'11"E
17 Dumont d’Urville France Permanent 6639'46"S 14000'05"E
19 McMurdo
  - Virtual tour- McMurdo
  - Your Stay at McMurdo Station
  - Polar Support (NSF)
  - McMurdo - Wikipedia
United States Permanent 7750'53"S 16640'06"E
20 Scott Base
  - Scott Base - Wikipedia
New Zealand Permanent 7751'00"S 16645'46"E
21 Rothera United Kingdom Permanent 6734'10"S 6807'12"W
22 San Martin Argentina Permanent 6807'47"S 6706'12"W
23 Vernadsky
  - Ukrainian Antarctic Centre
  - About of Vernadsk
Ukraine Permanent 6514'43"S 6415'24"W
24 Palmer Station
   - Palmer Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER)
   - Palmer Station - Wikipedia
United States Permanent 6446'30"S 6403'04"W
25 Capitan Arturo Prat Chile Permanent 6230'00"S 5941'00"W
35 General Bernardo O’Higgins Chile Permanent 6319'15"S 5754'01"W
36 Esperanza Argentina Permanent 6323'42"S 5659'46"W
37 Marambio Argentina Permanent 6414'42"S 5639'25"W
38 Orcadas Argentina Permanent 6044'20"S 4444'17"W
41 Belgrano II Argentina Permanent 7752'29"S 3437'37"W
42 Halley V
  - Halley VI Draft - Comprehensive Environmental Evaluation (CEE)
  - Halley VI
United Kingdom Permanent 7534'54"S 2632'28"W
44 Neumayer Germany Permanent 7038'00"S 0815'48"W
45 SANAE South Africa Permanent 7140'25"S 0249'44"W
46 Troll Norway Permanent 7200'07"S 0232'02"E
47 Concordia France/Italy Permanent 7206'06"S 12323'43"E
48 Gabriel De Castilla Spain Summer 6258'40"S 6040'30"W
49 Decepcin Station Argentina Summer 6258'20"S 6041'40"W
50 Mendel Polar Station Czech Republic Summer 6348'16.32"S 5753'8.82"W
51 Kunlun Station China Summer 8025'01"S 7706'58"W
52 Asuka Station Japan Unmanned 7131'34"S 2408'17"E
53 Mizuho Station Japan Permanent 7041'53"S 4419'54"E
54 Mario Zucchelli Station Italy Summer 7442'S 16407'E
55 Svea Sweden Summer 7435'S 1113'W
56 Wasa Station Sweden Summer 7303'S 1325'W
57 Tor Station Norway Summer 7153'20"S 0509'30"E
58 Kohnen Station Germany Summer 7000'S 0004'E
59 Princess Elisabeth Base Belgium Permanent 7157'1.16"S 2320'48.72"E
60 Siple Station United States Permanent 7555'S 8355'W
Stations on King George Island ( map )
No. Station Country   Location
26 Presidente Eduardo Frei Chile   6212'00"S 5857'51"W
27 Escudero Chile   6212'04"S 5857'45"W
28 Great Wall China   6212'59"S 5857'44"W
29 Bellingshausen Russia   6211'47"S 5857'39"W
30 Artigas Uruguay   6211'04"S 5854'09"W
31 King Sejong Korea   6213'24"S 5847'21"W
32 Jubany Argentina   6214'16"S 5839'52"W
33 Arctowski Poland   6209'34"S 5828'15"W
34 Comandante Ferraz Brazil   6205'00"S 5823'28"W
Stations North of 60S ( map )
No. Station Country   Location
4 Marion Island South Africa   4652'34"S 3751'32"E
7 Alfred Faure, Iles Crozet France   4625'48"S 5151'40"E
9 Port aux Franais, Iles Kerguelen France   4921'05"S 7012'20"E
12 Martin de Vivis, Ile Amsterdam France   3749'48"S 7734'12"E
18 Macquarie Island Australia Permanent 5429'58"S 15856'09"E
39 Bird Island United Kingdom   5400'31"S 3803'08"W
40 King Edward Point United Kingdom   5417'00"S 3629'37"W
43 Gough Island South Africa   4021'56"S 0952'00"W

Stations South of 60S

Stations South of 60S

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Stations North of 60S

Stations North of 60S

Table and map data compiled from the following:
  - National Science Foundation (US)
  - Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) as of 2004
  - Research Stations in Antarctica (Wikipedia)


Transportation in Antarctica

Ports & harbors: Antarctica's only harbor is at McMurdo Station. Most coastal stations have offshore anchorages, and supplies are transferred from ship to shore by small boats, barges, and helicopters. A few stations have a basic wharf facility. All ships at port are subject to inspection in accordance with Article 7, Antarctic Treaty; offshore anchorage is sparse and intermittent. McMurdo Station, Palmer Station government use only except by permit.

Airports: Antarctica has twenty available airports, none of these are developed public-access airports or landing facilities. 30 stations, operated by 16 national governments party to the Antarctic Treaty, have landing facilities for either helicopters and/or fixed-wing aircraft; commercial enterprises operate two additional air facilities.

Helicopter pads are available at 27 stations; runways at 15 locations are gravel, sea-ice, blue-ice, or compacted snow suitable for landing wheeled, fixed-wing aircraft; of these, 1 is greater than 3 km in length, 6 are between 2 km and 3 km in length, 3 are between 1 km and 2 km in length, 3 are less than 1 km in length, and 2 are of unknown length; snow surface skiways, limited to use by ski-equipped, fixed-wing aircraft, are available at another 15 locations; of these, 4 are greater than 3 km in length, 3 are between 2 km and 3 km in length, 2 are between 1 km and 2 km in length, 2 are less than 1 km in length, and data is unavailable for the remaining 4.

Antarctic airports are subject to severe restrictions and limitations resulting from extreme seasonal and geographic conditions; they do not meet ICAO standards, and advance approval from the respective governmental or nongovernmental operating organization is required for landing (1999 est.)

Airports - with unpaved runways:

  • Total: 20
  • Over 3,047 m: 6
  • 2,438 to 3,047 m: 3
  • 1,524 to 2,437 m: 1
  • 914 to 1,523 m: 4
  • Under 914 m: 6 (2003 est.)

Heliports: 27 stations have restricted helicopter landing facilities (helipads) (2003 est.)


Institutions & National Antarctic Programs

Many of the sites listed bellow are available in English in addition to their native language, some offer a choice of several languages.

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